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PT. Wajah Rejuvenasi Perempuan Indonesia (WRP Indonesia) is a leading low-calorie processed food manufacturer in Indonesia, established since 1996. Since its founded, WRP Indonesia has been committed to promoting a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle for all Indonesian women through a variety of WRP's products.

Today, WRP offers three products category to meet with Indonesian women needs. WRP Lose Weight to assist in achieving the ideal weight transformation, WRP Active to support an active lifestyle with optimal nutrition, and WRP Everyday, which can be a choice of companion food while considering the body's nutritional needs. WRP Lose Weight untuk membantu transformasi menuju berat badan ideal, WRP Active dalam rangka mendukung gaya hidup aktif dengan gizi yang optimal, dan WRP Everyday yang dapat menjadi pilihan makanan pendamping dengan memperhatikan nutrisi yang dibutuhkan oleh tubuh.

WRP products are now available throughout Indonesia, through various national supermarkets or local stores. Indonesian consumers can also easily find WRP products through e-commerce channels. Currently, WRP has joined almost all major marketplaces in Indonesia through the "WRP Official Store".

Our Product

To assist Indonesian women in transforming towards their ideal body weight.

To support an active and dynamic lifestyle with optimal daily nutrition.

To serve as low-calorie companion food for Indonesian women while considering the body's nutritional needs.

WRP Products

We Shape

Bersama Nutritionist dari We Shape, bersama We Shape badan ideal bukan lagi hambatan